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Alpolic Custom Garage Door

Dover Heights NSW, Australia

Our client wanted something sleek and minimal but still luxurious. Made from aluminium composite materials fixed to a powdercoated aluminium frame, a custom Alpolic garage door was the way to go. It provides a modern contemporary look and feel, adding that extra touch of luxury to the facade of the house.
The garage door system works the same as a standard sectional garage door, crafted from multiple panels, opening upwards and retreating back against the garage roof.

We paired this custom garage door with a Merlin Commander Elite motor - one of our best sellers and highest recommended garage door openers. Offering 7 years of warranty, remote controls and a wall button, this powerful garage door opener pairs perfectly with the custom garage door we installed.
That's not all! We also installed a MyQ kit for our client, so they can operate their custom garage door from the palm of their hand, through a mobile phone app. Most importantly, the MyQ Kit comes with added safety beams to prevent the custom garage door from closing on obstructions, keeping not only their belongings but their family safe from accidents!

If you're after a custom garage door installation this is only one of the many options we offer at KangarooGD. Reach out to us now or explore our project gallery here.

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