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Knotwood Custom Garage Door

Double Bay NSW, Australia

This one's a special one. When the team at Rozanova reached out requesting a custom Knotwood garage door, we knew we were the right team for the job.

Knotwood is made from aluminium battens, that look like wood (hence the name, "not wood"). It provides a durable solution without the ageing or warping that occurs with normal wood. It's low maintenance, weatherproof, scratch-resistant and non-combustible, making it a popular solution for custom garage doors, gates and house facades.

To the naked eye, it's normal Knotwood battens, but the team requested something a little different - the battens are actually made of two-pieces, slid one on top of the other, making this installation even more unique (and a little more complex) - paired with the fact that the door itself weighs over 350kg.

This Knotwood custom garage door was the perfect solution to enhance the aesthetic of the newly built house. It's a project we definitely won't forget.

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