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Storm-Shield Panelift Garage Door

Vaucluse NSW, Australia

Perched on the cliff's edge, overlooking the crashing waves, our client's needs were clear: a garage door that blends protection with style. Our mission was twofold: shield his home and prized luxury car from the elements without compromising aesthetic appeal. After thorough research, we identified the Storm-Shield Panelift Garage Door as the ideal solution. Collaborating closely with our client, we customised the door in Monument Colorbond colour with a Woodgrain finish, ensuring it perfectly complemented his home.

Designed to withstand cyclone-strength winds, this innovative door is a sought-after choice along Australia's Northern coast. Our garage door installation in Sydney marked a pioneering step for coastal protection. Now, our client enjoys serene views from his home, knowing his car and garage are secure against the elements. This is what we like to call a win-win situation.

If you're living on the cliffs or somewhere exposed to the elements and looking for a specialised solution for your garage door, Storm-Shield Panelift Garage Door might be the best solution for you. Available in a choice of sleek designs, Smooth or Woodgrain finish and in a range of Colorbond and Knotwood colours, you can customise this garage door to suit exactly what you need.

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