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Most Common Garage Door Problems and How Specialist Garage Door Repair Can Help

Updated: Jun 5

Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door is more than just a minor inconvenience. Whether it’s a garage door that won’t open and leaves your car trapped or a door that won’t close and exposes your belongings, your garage door issues can quickly escalate from nuisances to serious risks. 

To maintain your garage door's optimal performance and secure your property, it's crucial that you understand and address common issues promptly. Delve into the most common garage door problems with us as we shed light on their causes and provide practical solutions.

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Garage door won't open or close

There are a few different reasons your garage door is struggling to open or close. One of the most common issues is that the door's remote control or motor isn't working correctly. First step is to check the remote control batteries and that the motor unit is plugged in (and turned on at the wall).

Check around the garage door to see if there is anything obvious causing obstruction or interfering with the garage doors' operation. We always recommend calling a specialist if you require a garage door repair because sometimes it's more complex than meets the eye.

Noisy operation

It is not unusual for a garage door to make noise when it is operating, however when the noise becomes overpowering or unusual, it might be the sign that your garage door needs repair. Squeaking, grinding or rumbling noises can be caused by problems with the rollers, bearings or hinges (depending on the door type). Using a garage door specific lubricant can be a great first step to fix these issues. Sometimes, certain components might need tightening or re-alignment, which our team can help with.

Garage door closes and immediately opens

Misaligned tracks, or incorrect limit switches on the motor can cause the garage door to jump open as soon as it closes This common garage door issue can be hard to fix on your own. You can all the team at KangarooGD to help.

KangarooGD is here to help with your garage door repair in Sydney

When simple fixes can’t resolve your garage door issues, it’s time to call in professional help. We always recommend leaving any issues for our experts to resolve. From garage door repairs in Sydney to garage door installations and routine maintenance, KangarooGD has got you covered.

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