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Top Trends in Custom Garage Door Designs for Australian Homes

While it’s true that your garage door is primarily a functional product designed to keep your vehicles safe, there’s no denying the fact that it also has a massive impact on the overall curb appeal of your home  — after all, it takes up a significant amount of the facade (30% on average!) of your house.

This is precisely why a lot of Australian households are taking more time in choosing the perfect custom garage door, and why you should too.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start because today, we'll go through the top trends in custom garage door design for Australian homes. Let’s dive right in.


A lot of Australia households are beginning to favour sleek garage door designs with clean lines that reflect a modern aesthetic. Paired with neutral colours like Shale Grey, Monument or White, minimalist garage doors are designed to complement most house exteriors.

Knotwood Battens

Knotwood is becoming a rising trend for house fronts across Australia. Knotwood is an aluminium batten that provides the aesthetic of wood. The battens come in various sizes and are usually clad on an aluminium composite backing panel to create the effect of a wooden slat door. These custom garage doors can be powdercoated in a range of colours for added effect. Enquire now about how KangarooGD can help you with a new Knotwood custom garage door.

Timber Custom Doors

Another option to get the wooden aesthetic is to use timber battens. The beauty of natural wood will always stand out, even as other trends come and go. Similar to Knotwood, timber batten custom garage doors are popular with contemporary and traditional homes in the suburbs.

Top Panel Windows

Windows are a great way to break up the look of a garage door. By adding windows to the top panel, you immediately add character to your custom garage door, and a point of difference.

KangarooGD offer a range of custom garage door designs to make your garage door stand out!

Our trusted team of technicians can talk you through our availability options, and provide you with the best custom garage door for your property. In the meantime, visit our garage door installation portfolio for some inspiration.


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